Do you really want your food to be grown by the same people (Monsanto) who manufactured Agent Orange? If you're not too concerned about that, think about one company controlling all the seeds, crops, agriculture.

Does anyone even watch MTV any more?

How to Tell If a Pallet Is Safe for Reuse?

The True Reason behind The 40-Hour Work Week And Why We Are Economic Slaves

Kings are made because they were the biggest bully in the village.

A credit card is a loan.

We should of let the banks fail.

Why would you want to do business with a bank or investment firm that failed at their job and needed to get bailed out by the American tax payers?

White Professor Calls All White People To Mass Suicide Over Slavery. - You first, Asshole.

Imagine if everyone stopped buying a product. They would have to change with demand or lower the price or go out of business. You're in control.

There's no money in a cure.

Quit your soul sucking job.

Happiness is telling your boss to Fuck-Off.

Dear Netflix,
  -White People

Obamacare is nothing but a Health Care bailout!